Danielle Vogl
Lover + Maker of Design & Illustration

Editorial Illustration & Pattern

Illustration & Patterns

EatingWell Magazine - Jan/Feb 2018
Editorial Spot Illustration for Fresh Section: "Will Travel For:Vegan Eats" 

EatingWell Magazine - Mar/Apr 2018
Editorial Spot Illustration for  Chatter Section: "The Big Facebook Question- If you could travel anywhere in the world with your favorite chef, who would it be where would you go?"

 Pattern Design
A  miscellaneous collection of pattern swatches. Some created for client projects and others just for fun.


Collage Illustration
A  collection of illustrations done in a similar style. Some pieces were created for editorial and others as explorations/art. The first image is a portrait of my grandfather - Tom Vogl.  It won first place at the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Fair.

 I Love Ketchup Sweatshirt
A sweatshirt I designed to express my love for my favorite sauce- ketchup (it's a Pittsburgh thing). I created the sweatshirt while on vacation in Weld, Maine ––where we discovered a local  gift/print shop.