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Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid


Get Paid What
You Deserve

I worked as the lead designer for Ladies Get Paid. A national organization that provides the tools, resources, and community to help women negotiate for equal pay, and power in the workplace. 

While working with Claire Wasserman and Ashley Lousie (founders of Ladies Get Paid) I have had the opportunity to design conferences, events, websites, build out LadiesGetSued , work with amazing lettering artists (such as Lauren Homm and Jen Mussari) + more. Below is a sampling of some of the work that I have done – including designing their HQ website.

Full website: ladiesgetpaid.com

Deliverables:  website, icons, graphics, swag (Notebook, pens, stickers, totes, postcards), Women’s March Poster, Digital Workbooks, Video graphics and more.


Designed a mini Ladies Get Paid notebook to give out at conferences & events.
Printed by the lovely Scout Books.


While designing the website I created a custom icon set to help visually tell the story of what Ladies Get Paid does.
The icon style was then carried through other branded materials to create a cohesive look + feel.


A downloadable poster I created for Ladies Get Paid members to print and carry at the women’s March.



A bright neon color pallet to helps make these intimidating webinar topics feel approachable and fun.



A social graphic for women to fill out and share on #EqualPayDay

Feature graphic for “Lady Talk” Ladies Get Paid
Podcast Series (Listen here).