Danielle Vogl
Lover + Maker of Design & Illustration

Pingala Cafe

Pingala Cafe


A Foodtruck Inspired Vegan Cafe


Rebrand of Pingala cafe, a vegan restaurant located in Burlington, Vermont. 

Deliverables: branding/identity, website, menus, business cards, rewards cards, custom food liners,  signiture sandwich illustrations,  pins, stickers, and various other collateral.

This project was designed in collaboration with Jeremy Smith.


We developed a variety of logos and icons, determined an energetic color palette, and even created a font from Trevor's (Pingala Owner) handwriting.



The food is quick, comforting, and energetic. The place naturally has a food truck vibe, with the compact kitchen and ordering window, so bringing some of that energy into the branding seemed like a good idea.



We developed an illustration for each of Pingala's Signature Sandwiches. These were printed as postcards for napkin holders and used online.


Obviously a thriving business needs a great looking, functional website. We decided early on to forgo all the paralaxing web gimmicks, instead creating a straightforward site with great organization and consistent branding that would last a minute.

We also created custom icons and illustrations to bring energy and color throughout the entire site.

See the full site here.